What We Do


At the Association of Falkland brodas, we are keen on giving back to the society by supporting various charitable causes.

Humanitarian Services

The greatest service of all is service to humanity. Hence, we strive to foster peace and love amongst tribes and tongues.

Social Responsibility

We identify the ills and shortcomings within our immediate environment and take measures to mitigate their effects.

What Our Beneficiaries SayLet our beneficiaries tell their own story about their encounter with us.

  • Thanks to the Association of Falkland brodas, my sick uncle was able to get funding for the treatment of a life-threatening disease that haunted him for very many years.

    Mudashiru Opeyemi

  • I'm so grateful to AFB for all they've done. Since the demise of my husband, they have been a shoulder and have always catered for the needs of me and my children.

    Kingsley Osato

  • When all hope was lost and I was beginning to contemplate suicide, the Association of Falkland Brothers came in to revive my home and gave me many more reasons to live.

    Shehu Ibrahim

Why We Stand OutConsidering our core values, it comes with little wonder that we stand out as a reputable entity.


Our processes are based on transparency. Hence, accountability remains viable.


At AFB, we understand that humanity is the only true religion, and we practice just that.


Fairness, equality and social justice remain at the core of our values.

Safeguarding the vulnerable

By all means, we strive to contribute our quota towards safeguardiing the interests of the vulnerable.